Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Replacing Cantu Leave-in For Shea Butter Whipped Cream

Since I've been using BlackOnyx's Shea Yogurt Moisturizer, I've fallen in love with pure shea butter in my hair. Unfortunately, I ran out of the Shea Yogurt and decided to make my own Raw Shea Butter blended with some natural oils. :) Here it is!!!

As You can see, there is a piece of hair stuck in my butter. lol
That's how you can tell I use it a lot. LOVE IT!

I've replaced my Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner with this homemade blend. I wanted something much more healthier and not with alcohol. Sometimes I miss my Cantu but this blend has been doing wonders for my hair. It keeps it extra moisturized. My hair NEVER feels dry. Here are the oils I've use:

  • Mega Care Carrot Oil, Vitamin E, and Olive Oil.

Just blend it in an electric mixer and you should be good :)

If you're looking for something to soften your hair, please try this out.

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