Nat Remedies


Apple Cider Vinegar:Definition-
"a sour liquid consisting of dilute and impure acetic acid, obtained by acetous fermentation from wine, cider,beer, ale, or the like: used as a condiment, preservative, etc."
      Vinegar is known to heal and cure a number of ailments such as: sinus infections, ears infections, acne, flu, acid reflux, sore throat and arthritis!! I personally like drinking a tablespoon of vinegar one to two times a week. It tends to have a burning feeling once it enters the throat and into the stomach. If you can stand the taste of this natural remedy, then you will find that it is one of the most important condiments in your home! Plus, it also helps liven up that complexion ladies! And who wouldn't want that???

Peanuts/Peanut Butter:Definition-
"the pod or the enclosed edible seed of the plant, Arachis hypogaea,  of the legume family: the pod is forced underground in growing, where it ripens; 
the plant itself. OR a paste made from ground roasted peanuts, used as a spread or in cookery."
    Peanuts/Peanut Butter has always been one the main source of nutritional foods on the food pyramid that we've all learned as a child. Two tablespoons of peanut butter usually provides the average person with enough serving of protein that is needed. Feeling kind of over fatigued lately or need that boost of muscle mass? Eat a banana topped with some peanut butter and you will feel much better. I prefer to a pack of peanut butter cracker like once a week or even more than that. They are like my favorite! Also, if you are having nail growth problems, pour some peanut oil onto you cuticles before going to sleep. This will help to moisturize and stimulate growth! Peanut Butter is also known to heal hiccups. If you don't believe me then click here and browse for the method!

Ginger:Definition-"a reedlike plant, Zingiber officinale,  native to the EastIndies but now cultivated in most tropical countries, havinga pungent, spicy rhizome used in cookery and medicine."

        Ginger tastes oh so nasty but is oh so essential. This past Christmas I came to Orlando to visit my family on break. I caught one of the worst colds and sore throat. It was extremely difficult for me to get a good night rest. My mother (as they always do), made me a cup tea with honey, sugar, and (drum roll) guessed it! GINGER! Yes! Ginger made my tea super spicy but cleared my congestion immediately. Ginger is a native to Asia and is very popular in many different uses. Ginger can help lighten up a nauseous stomach and even cure that morning sickness ladies! Ever had unbearable bloating during your menstrual cycle? Yes! It also helps to aid stomach problems too like gas and indigestion. Feeling like that headache you've been feeling all day just won't go away?? GINGER WILL TAKE IT AWAY! Such an awful taste but a much needed plant. 

"an herb, Mentha piperita,  of the mint family,  cultivated forits aromatic, pungent oil OR a lozenge or confection flavored with peppermint."
      Peppermint! I love peppermint candy, especially during church when I need something to eat because I'm anticipating sunday dinner. AMEN TO THAT! Did you know that peppermint helps to soothe muscle cramps?? So the next time you are in so much pain from a two hour work out, get a cup of tea and add peppermint leaves to it. It such a refreshing herb that is so irresistible in it's taste and smell. If you have noticed my other page titled "Hair Products: The Good and the oh So Sad", I have a brief review on a Tea Tree Mint Shampoo. Yes ladies, you can also find peppermint in name brand shampoos. However, the most important is our toothpaste. Man, what would our breath smell like each and every day without a dose of peppermint toothpaste.  For more information on this common herb click the hyperlink provided.