Nat Fashion


  We've all seen Chris Brown or Lady Gaga Rock these bad boys. They're called 'fun glasses'. They come in all different colors/styles. Don't worry, they aren't prescribed glasses. Dazzle up your natural look by putting on some of these to give yourself that nerdy but sexy appearance. *BE BOLD*

As naturals, most of us love to add a beautiful clip-on flower to liven up our natural look. I personally and absolutely can't live without my flowers. I don't over-wear them, but every now and then I say "Man, this would look HOT with a flower." Let me tell you ladies, today I went to this Dollar Store in the local Orlando area and guess what I found? A whole section with 1 dollar flower clips! Let me repeat that just in case you didn't catch on. I said: A WHOLE SECTION WITH 1 DOLLAR FLOWER CLIPS! I could not believe it. All different colors, styles, sizes. It was RIDICULOUS. So, here is a picture of me with one of my fav flowers ever. The style is Janelle Monae inspired. I also found some other photos online of natural chicas rocking a flower with their hair style:


The fall season is in and you're brainstorming on how to change up your natural look a bit. Well, I have the solution for you! I am a hat fanatic during the colder season. I love snap backs, berets, eskimos, caps, straw hats and recently top hats! Let your curls down or bring out that BC and rock a top hat this season! They can bring out a nice outfit with a vest especially! For a website that sale some of the best hats period, click here.


Rock the scarf and turban look! You can completely cover your hair or rock your fro out. I decided to do a pin-up style and and tie the scarf into a bow. The thing I love about this particular scarf is that it has hearts on it and says "I love Jesus". You ladies no I am a big fan of hearts and even more Jesus!!! This can be great for protective styles during the winter as well!! Lock in that heat ladies and prevent your hair from drying out! Have fun rocking it out! 

Here is a girl on youtube I discovered today, I love her style too. 

Who said wearing ties are only for guys??? NOT THIS CHICK! I feel that with the right tie you can bring out your natural look with a bang. Ties come in different styles, colors, designs, etc. It can make a feminine look also look masculine but in a sexy way. Here I'm rocking a bergundy tie that is pretty long in length. I love all my collection of ties! You don't only have to wear them with button up collar shirts but any shirt of choice. If you aren't going to rock it with a button-up collar shirt then I suggest put it with a v-neck or low cut shirt because it tends to look the best. Get your tie on!!

So, I decided to wear a turban today and I love it! I bought it at the Chinese dollar store. I had to choose from red, white, blue, black, and yellow. For some reason I felt that Yellow would fit my skin tone better. I love the way turbans look and I'm definitely in love with this look. You can also find turban accessories in the beauty supply store.

Oh You fancy huh???!! Sure is! Even in Black lipstick!!! I tried this color for the first time and loved it! Not with my red outfit though. So, the next time I decided to wear this color will be with a chettah or some type of animal print. I purchased the lipstic only for like a dollar at the local Dollar Store! It's by L.A. Colors and has Aloe Vera in it! So not only is it fierce but also moisturizing! BE BOLD.


I attended my church's New Year's Eve Eve event last night featuring the impactful Dr. Marvin Sapp!!! My pastor told us to come dress to impress so that's just what I did!!! I was driven to wear a late 1980's/early 1990's outfit (plaid button up shirt, purple short skirt). Also, one of the first things that come to my mind when I think of New Year's are those top hats that say "Happy New Year's", so I decided to incorporate a top hat hair accessory in my out fit. I didn't have time to snap professional pictures at home, so I ended up doing them in the car. 

ALL ABOARD! This is what I call my train conductor hat! This special hat was passed down from my deceased uncle to my mother and now to me of course! Something I did a little different this day where I wore a hat over my mini twists. Surprisingly, I liked it. It wasn't the cutest style, but it kept my head protected from the cold!

  In these photos I did my signature roller-set twists (look for the article on the home page). I wanted to spice up my curls a little more and decided to a head-ware over it. Here is my headband that can  give your natural curls a better fashionable appearance. It's plastic and the style is rope-liked. I received this headband for Christmas and ever since then I have only worn it like this! It's one of my faves! I'm thinking about making a few of my own hand-made! 

This is probably one of my favorite hairstyles I've ever had done! My mother actually did it for me. You can't see from the front but the back is twisted up into a design and then gives the front an edgy look by the super duper huge puff in the front. Here's another shot: 
As you can see; the twists just makes my back stand out tremendously instead of just having the hair plainly pulled up! I decided to dress up my hair with a huge flower clip in the back. It's different and I love it! Definitely doing this one again soon!

Big hair with big flower studs! Just the way I like it. Big and out there! I absolutely am CRAZY about these earrings right here. This is about to be a new fashion trend soon! I actually made these studs myself. They do stand out; so if you're not into grabbing attention because of your bulky flower studs then don't invest in these. If you would liek to buy the pair that I have on in the photo, it is up for grabs. First come first serve. click here.