Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crochet and Dreads

Here is a special feature and excerpt of my good friend Celina who designs crochet creations and specializes in braiding.

When I was 10 yrs old, I went to the Dominican Republic to spend a month with my grandmother I was named after Celina and in that short month, she taught me how to braid, crochet, make ceramics and paper machete flowers.

Seven years later, when I started college, my grandmother was called home. It made me really take braiding seriously and being a college student I needed the money so it took off from there. I've had a love for natural hair all my life and I've always looked at a head of hair as my canvas and my tail comb as my paint brush.

I started doing locs and twists 12 years ago and love it as much as I love braiding hair. What people don't realize is that some people do hair for the money, I do hair for the LOVE of doing hair and it shows in my work.

The art of crocheting never left me. My mother-in-law came to my house one day and said 'lets crochet some hats.' I said, ok! That was 4 yrs ago and I haven't stopped crocheting yet. My creative juices started flowing once again and now it's turned from crocheting for fun to actually selling some of my creations.

These are two hobbies that I really enjoy and have been blessed with the talents. Everything I create, I create with love. Be it braids, locs, twists, or crochet items, I do it with LOVE.

For more information and pictures on my creations, as well as product reviews on products I use on myself and clients, you can go to:

Peace and Blessings

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