Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh No She Didn't Touch My Hair!

I've been reading in a lot of natural hair group forums if someone (rather stranger or not) touching your hair is rude.

There have been many cases in which co-workers would rub a natural's hair without asking and they would be offended by the action.

It is totally understandable to me; especially the inconsideration of not asking.

Whatever the case may be, it is disrespectful to not ask. Whether you or the person know each other. Every woman is different when it comes to their hair, so whether your the vicitim or guilty as charge for hair rubbing, courtesy is the key!


1) You have no idea where the person's hands have been throughout the day.
2)You may have worked hard on a hair style and the person has destroyed it by placing their hands through it.
3)The mere thought of them petting your hair will probably make you feel like a dog, which could be humiliating.
4)You may have oil build up and that same oil may leave your hair to that person's hands making matters more humiliating.
5) Your hair is a precious part of your body that shouldn't be touched unless by a beautician, yourself, or anyone else you are comfortable with.
6) Touching your hair is entering into your personal space.
7) Finally,  I'm MORE than positive they wouldn't want their hair touched the same way.

This is not a law people but a 'common -sense' etiquette and more.

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