Friday, September 16, 2011

ROLLER-SET TWISTS: How to Roller-Set Natural Hair (NO HEAT)

Hi Naturals,

I've noticed that a lot of women have been asking how to roller-set natural hair especially without all the heat?? Well, I have the answer for you!! About 10 months ago, I decided that I wanted to put some curls in my hair but I didn't want to sit under the dryer so this is what I came up with:

I decided to wash my hair, towel it dry, base it with some oil, and twist it into sections with Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner (starting from the back) and then roller-set it. I did this EARLY in the morning so that I could wear the rollers all day and give my hair time to dry completely! If you are one of those ladies who like to do hair hair late into the night, then I urge you to use Foam Rollers like these:
These type of rollers will make it easier to sleep in. You'll barely be able to tell that you're wearing them; unless you have rolled your hair too tight. If you're asking "What was the purpose of twisting your hair first before roller setting it?" Well ladies, my hair is usually extremely curly after taking my twists out so I figured that if I twist it first and then roll-it-up then it will definitely give it more of define curl pattern! Especially since we aren't straight-heads anymore and aren't sitting under a hair dryer! And this was the result: 

I was very unsure how it would turned out but it happened to be just what I was looking for! This is the method I use now when I want to rock curls. I call this method/style "Roller-set Twists". After taking the rollers out, un-twist the hair with hair oil of your choice! Tease the curls a bit to make them look fuller. I suggest NOT to use gel or wrap foam when doing this method because it makes the curls hard and stiff. I'm sure you would want your hair bouncy and full of life. However, if that's what you like or what your hair likes, then by all means do it girl!  So, I hope this has helped ladies!! If I missed out on any important details let me know!! HAVE FUN!! 

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