Thursday, September 22, 2011

Charlie's Naturalista

I'm sure most of us have noticed the commercials that have been embracing African-American women's natural hair! It is so exciting and by the look of things, it seems that the natural movement is steady growing. I've realized that numerous bloggers have talked about this topic over and over again, but I couldn't help myself but to point out some of them on my own:

Along with the two commercials that you've viewed above, I've discovered the latest actress embracing her natural look in the entertainment "biz".  While watching TV I noticed the brand new television series of Charlie's Angels, which premiered September 22nd on ABC. One of the three female characters is African-American actress Annie Ilonzeh. The first thing that grabbed my attention was her HAIR! Immediately I thought to myself "Yet another Black woman showcasing her natural self!" While researching her biography I discovered that she used to be an actress on "General Hospital" along with many other gigs. I've never noticed her until now, but because of that one commercial I'm so happy that she is a natural chica indirectly spreading the natural movement. During my research I found a Q & A article on "The Urban Daily.Com".  There the reporter asks her about her natural hair on the show:


It seems time just may be changing! 

Charlie's angel in the 70's featured 3 white women:

Then the early 2000 films feature 2 white women and an Asian:

And now we have 2 white women and Black  woman. Not only is she black but Natural:

ABC's reception of Annie's curls and kinks is all that a Naturalista could ask for; especially those who are pursuing similar aspirations. It's a great thing that producers and the media period are accepting black women as they are naturally made. I'm sure we have more to work on, but this is an amazingly good start! Although Annie may still add in additional hair pieces here and there to portray a certain role in different episodes, she is still a part of the natural community and helping to spread the beauty of our waves and puffs. This will inform African-American women around the globe that it's okay to be who you are;  you can still be professional and have a solid career even with an afro. So, bravo to Annie Ilonzeh and to all the other natural-hair women doing it big in the entertainment biz!

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