Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mega Care Oils Are the BEST!

Take Care of Your Hair with Mega Care!!

Hi Ladies,

I wanted to show one of my hair product lines that I ADORE! The Mega Care oils are awesome. They make your hair feel soft and plus they smell good. The best quality of it all is that they only cost $1.00-1.99 for a 1.5 oz tube!!! That is cheap right?? You may be like 'Well Jazz that's not enough. It'll probably run out fast!' However, for the price it's worth the splurge; so why not invest in  more than one tube??

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a website that could lead you to more information about Mega Care; but I can list some some of the oils included in the line that I've had the privilege to use:

Raw Shea Butter Oil- "Very Pleasant, soothing feeling for hair and body."

  • Excellent for all hair types: natural, braids, extensions, relaxed, or colored treated.
  • Moisturizes Dry or damage Hair.
  • Repairs and Protects against brittleness and weather damage.

Tea Tree Oil- "Natural antibacterial oil with extra protection for you hair and body."

  • Great for dry and irritating skin.
  • Prevents itch scalp
  • Anti-dandruff and antifungal
  • Use as massage

Vitamin E Oil-"Aids in stronger, longer, and healthier hair."

  • Penetrates the scalp and hair shaft
  • Aids in healthier/stronger hair growth
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Improves Circulation. 
                       *Note to self! Vitamin E is my most favorite out of these three*

Now I know they have more; I believe Carrot Oil or Castor Oil. I've yet to try those because it's been hard enough to locate a store that sells these oils! Florida definitely isn't a fan I believe and I had to search high and low just to find my favorite oils!! Eventually I did and I was so relieved. Therefore, I would absolutely recommend these oils. They consist of organic ingredients so don't be too worried about your hair being exposed to sulfate or alcohol. DON'T WASTE ANYTIME! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE OILS WHILE THEIR STILL BEING PROVIDED IN STORES NEAR YOU!


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