Tuesday, September 6, 2011

PiNK Poem!!!

This is a Poem I wrote for my Natural Hair Sorority Pi Nappa Kappa!!  Soror 1291: NAAAA-TEEEE!!!

Opposition doesn't affect our Mission.
True Natural supporters are who we Commission.

Spreading the glory of natural hair is our Pursuit.
Passionate believers we aim to Recruit.

Relaxers use to be our hair Brutality,
Now being chemical-free is our Mentality.

No more being fooled by the deceitful 'White Cream',
We thought could full fill our every hair Dream.

No more being fooled by the values of Society,
That claims straight hair is a Propriety.

We will forever love our waves and Puffs!
The soft, slick, and the Rough!

We will forever embrace our curls and Kinks,
As we pledge to be forever PiNK!!!!!! 

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