Sunday, May 6, 2012

Play with Colors

Right before Easter I decided to play with a semi Permanent hair color by Manic Panic. I dyed only my tips in the front (since the were pre-lightened) with Vampire Red coloring cream:

It was an extremely easy process to do:

1)Wash you hair squeaky clean then dry
2) Use a brush to apply the dye
3) Rinse with cool water
4) Condition
5)Style as usual.

This was the color result:

Of course I stained my scalp a little! Lol But I absolutely love the two toned color style I have going on! It will take probably 10 more washes before it completely fades away. This is a great idea for you ladies if you ever want to try it out! 

Also I decide to played with even more semi colors but this time a spray! I did the little Wiz Khalifa look! lol I tell you I have too much fun! This one is by Jerome Russle.

Summer of 2012 is going to be a summer of fun temporary hair colors!! 


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