Monday, April 2, 2012

Microfiber Face Towel

I am absolutely love my Microfiber face towel! My Face tends to become very oily and I've noticed a change in the condition of my skin. When I use the towel it doesn't over dry and it's a very slick feeling. At the same time it is absorbing the water it is also deep cleansing my skin!

According to "Microfiber face cloths are quite popular and are used to clean dirt and grime from the face. The cloth absorbs dirt, grime and oil without the use of chemicals. Microfiber cloths can also be used to remove makeup and to exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and glowing." 

Read more: How to Use Microfiber Face Cloths |

Regular wash cloths tend to be too harsh on the skin when using it to dry after a facial wash. I have been left with red marks and skin abrasions from using a regular wash cloth that is not soft enough.

However, Microfiber Face Towels are extremely soft and has a cotton texture to it. It will leave your face feeling the way it's supposed to. I highly recommend them! Not just for your face but your body as a whole!

These towels are available in Wal Mart or even the Dollar Tree! Here is a link to learn more or to purchase one of your own:

Research for your self and convert over!


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