Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fabulously Unique Natural Hair Fair By Black Onyx

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. I had the chance to attend my first natural hair expo/show in Tampa, FL with my good friend Alysa. The show was hosted and created by Blackonyx77 on Youtube!  Since I've been natural my favorite Youtube celebrites have been sugarfreetv,  prettydimples, beautifulbrownbabydoll, aliciajamesmusic, and tonidaley80. I had recently been inspired by blackonyx77's yarn dread tutorials and I'm thinking about trying them for the winter season as a protective style. Therefore, her channel has become one of my most recent favorites.

To actually attend my very first natural hair event yesterday was very inspiring and made me feel so blessed to be a natural "sista". I saw women with all different hair types and styles. It just reminded me how beautifully diverse my black people are! God has really made people of African decent unique and special.

The hair fair included venues- hair products, clothes, jewelery- a fashion show, workshops, and live BC demonstrations.  At the "Natural Hair Care and Styling Techniques #1" workshop we had the chance to ask blackonyx77 questions concerning our hair. Of course I had a question yall! I asked about hair shedding since I've been experiencing it a lot lately. She explained to me the differences between shedding and breakage and that I may just be going through my seasonal shedding period. Also, she gave some great pointers for all you ladies who are experiencing breakage of some sort: 1) Drink plenty of water 2) Deep Condition often 3) Moisturize often with oil 4) Use prenatal vitamins to help with hair growth. The workshop brought up a lot of other questions and concerns and was very informative. I can say I learned a lot from it.

After the workshop, the natural hair and fashion show segment began! The featured fashion designer was Mystic CreationZ Crochet Wear. These ladies rocked the run way with their beautifully made designs. This was absolutely the most creative clothing line I've seen because it was crochet material! I've seen crochet hats but dresses, jumpers and pants? I was in awe! Then what made me really flip, was when one of the models came out wearing a jumper with a heart sewed into the front!!! I was like, "I have to absolutely have that dress!" Guess what? I bought the dress off the model! I only live once ladies and I had to take advantage of the opportunity.

After the fashion show, me and my friend browsed around a little more at hair products and accessories. I bought a red clip on Top hat and African black soap 2 for $5. In our Black Onyx gift bags came a free sample of Alikay Natural Product's Shea Yogurt Moisturizer and Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner spray. I used it for the first time yesterday and my hair turned out super soft even the following day when I woke up. I love the Shea Yogurt and I'm thinking about ordering a bigger jar from BlackOnyx after I eat up this sample first!

Overall ladies, I absolutely enjoyed my self and it was great to tag along with a friend who is also a natural! I can't wait to attend more natural hair events in the future. I definitely recommend them to you naturals because it's always helpful to attend socials and workshops to assist you through this journey of natural hair.

Be Blessed Naturals!

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