Saturday, October 15, 2011

Basic Tips to Manage A Fresh Fro

I have noticed that a lot of afro women are curious on how to comb and manage their fro. Well, honestly I love wearing my fro out but only if it's stretched a little. What I usually like to do is blow out my hair with a blow dryer if I know I will be rocking a fro for the next few days. Placing heat on it tends to make it much more manageable to work with. It also makes it easier to comb through tremendously. Combing your curls after a fresh wash and dry can cause breakage to the hair shaft. So, part your hair in four sections,  grab your  heat serum for protection against breakage and some type of moisturizing oil such as coconut to make it silky and detangled. Then,  place a pick through each section at a time,  lightly comb from the ends and to the roots, stretching it as you blow dry. This is what my hair looks like after the process:

Honestly, My hair loves heat and it loves to be stretched! Some women's hair will respond differently depending on the texture and strength of the hair. This method has been working perfectly for me and I do it every now and then when I'm in a lazy mode, don't feel like styling my hair, and just want to wear my hair out freely. I do many styles with my hair when it's blowed out such as this:

When wrapping it at night it's best to place a satin scarf around it because it keeps the hair flat so that in the morning it will be easier to comb. A satin cap may end up making it feel a little out of shape. Therefore, oil your hair and place your satin scarf tying towards the back underneath the hair like a ponytail and you're good to go!

Have Fun Stretching that Afro Out!

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