Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Protective Style: Pinned Finger Coils

This was the hairstyle I wore for Christmas. It was very random and not planned at all. I wanted to do finger waves but it ended up being a total flop. So, I decided to go for finger coils. This was my very first time attempting to do finger coils and I loved the way they looked. However, I disliked the fact that they just layed there and looked so plain.

I decided to pin them up in little flower pins (what I like to call it). I basically, twirled them into a circle and secured with bobby pins. I had this style in for about a week and absouletly LOVED it. It was a great protective style, especially for those ends ladies! I knew underneath it all my hair was growing because after a few day my scalp started to itch tremendously. I think I will start wearing pinned finger coils from now on. When i'm lazy and don't want to deal with my hair for the next week or so, this will definitely be a good route to go. So, I just wanted to share this mini collage with you of what I did!


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