Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dried out ends! KNot today!


I've noticed that my ends have been drying out more than usual as well as tangling up in the past 2 weeks. I decided that I was extremely getting tired of the color in my hair, which I figured is a major factor. Instead of me usualy trimming my ends I asked my dear mother to do it for me. Of course she did an amazing job! Most of my color is starting to fade away thanks to the cut!

I decided to do a peanut butter protein treatment. Wash with Shea Moisture. Deep condition with Henna n' Placenta condition treatment. Blow dry to damp with coconut oil serum and olive oil heat protection.

My ends have never felt better! And my fro is looking soooo beautiful! I can't wait until the color grows out more because I miss my real hair color now. I decided that this will be the last time for a while until I place color back in because my hair needs a rest!

Cutting my hair never bothers me because i know for a fact that my hair will grow back. Especially since I use castor oil (organic and HollyWood Beauty) so much on my scalp. It feels as if my hair has all ready grown more since the cut.
                                     Here is what my dried out ends looked like. YUCK! A hot mess right?? Lol I could not wait to get those ends cut!!!

                                Here are some photos so you can see how much my mother cut off :).  My hair is ALIVE!


I will continue to protect my ends a lot more with my two-strand twists, braids, pin-ups, coconut oil, shea butter mix, whatever it takes! Also, I will be detangling my hair more often with a comb each and every time I condition. No "hand-combing" for all my naturals who are against combs and brushes!


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