Saturday, December 17, 2011

Honey, Scrub Until You Can't Scrub no More!

So, I wanted to share with you all my Honey Scrub I've recently started using. I've done a lot of research on the ingredients that would work best in the honey mask and have come up with some staples that I personally love. I used my mother, my neighbor, and myself as guinea pigs to test out the scrub and we all liked it. My mother at first was hesitant but then finally gave in jokingly "This is going to break me out." Of course I ignored the comment! :) Honestly, this formula makes my face feel rejuvenated and very clean after washing. So, here we go:

* Left to Right: Lemon Juice, 100% Castor Oil, Turbinado Sugar (natural), and Raw Honey.
I bought the Lemon Juice and Turbinado at the regular grocery store and the Castor oil and Honey at the Nature's Market. I decided to use the castor oil because it helps to soften the skin. I was going to use brown sugar but decided to substitute it with turbinado sugar because it's organic and the sugar grains are larger in size; therefore, it will give you more of that facial "scrub" feeling. 

For this particular scrub I decided to measure to my liking. I used about (approximately) 2 tablespoons of honey, 4 drops of lemon, 1 tablespoon of castor oil and 2 tablespoons of  turbinado. These measurements aren't completely accurate but close enough to the amount I used for this first batch. It felt very sticky of course but I also used it to massage and relax my face. I loved the feeling and I plan to use it on a once a week basis or more. After rinsing it off, I toweled dry and then used my Mega Care Tea Tree Oil. My face was super soft and I was even surprised myself how amazing my skin felt! My mother was even more amazed when she realized that her face didn't break out! 

FYI: You can choose to use these ingredients or research for yourself and make your own little homemade mix. Please be careful with the ingredients and make sure you are not allergic!

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