Thursday, August 25, 2011

EVERYBODY is Happy to Be Nappy

Seems like the a lot of people in the natural community is using the "Happy to be Nappy" phrase. Let's take a look at a few of features that incorporate this movement. 

I Grabbed this from Youtube. This slideshow includes great pictures that depict bruthas and sistahs being Happy to be Nappy. 

 This children's book title Happy to Be Nappy was published in 1999 by author Bell Hooks. It's a learning tool for young black children to embrace their natural hair and and have confidence in how they look. I wish my mom would've raised me on literatures such as these. It would've helped me appreciate my black beauty way more than I did. For a more thorough summary click here.

Happy 2B Nappy T-shirts!!! Yay!! You can buy these jamaican-colored style shirts online at cafe press via Nappy Roots online store. Only $22.99. Click here to go to the store's page. I'm going to purchase mines and you should too!

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